Thanks for your interest in learning Persian language and enrollment at our school.
To enroll, choose the class that you wish to attend, “add to cart” and pay your fee.
You will receive your invoice/receipt and confirmation of your enrolment by email.

Parents enrolling their children are requested to create the account in the name of the child (student)
and write the parent name in “Company Name” field of billing details section.
Also provide the following details in order notes section.
– Date of Birth
– Australian School Year Level
– WACE Student Number (For Year 11-12 Students)
– Emergency contact name and phone number

Communicating with school

PLSWA has four telegram groups that serve as platform facilitating more effective communication for adult learners and parents of children students with teachers, administrator and principal. Please join the group relevant to your class.

PLSWA – Adult Learners Classes
Teachers in this group: Parmis, Mona and Nasim

PLSWA – Young Children Students (4-5 Years) – Flowers Class
Teachers in this group: Nasrin

PLSWA – Children Students Classes – Basic
Teacher in this group: Maryam Miri

PLSWA – Children Students Classes – Intermediate
Teachers in this group: Katrin and Naima

Books and additional learning materials

Paperback text books are available for purchase (By Registered learners/students Only) from this website and will be delivered to you on the first day of your enrolled term at Persian Language School WA. To visit the book shop click HERE
You also can access the “Library” on this website, where additional learning materials are made available.

Persian Learning Books