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Why learn Persian?

Persian is an important language of the Middle East and Central Asia.
Persian has more than 66 million native speakers in Iran, Afganistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan & Bahrain.
Persian is in high demand as a result of Iran’s crucial political role in the Middle East & Persian Gulf.
Persian is easy to learn, as it has a simple grammar with no grammatical gender & few case markings.
Persian is an ancient language with roots dating back to the Persian Empire of the 6th Century B.C.
Persian is the language of many famous poems, stories, and writings of Hafez, Rumi, and Ferdowsi.
Pesian Language is the reservoir of Iranian thought, sentiment, values and literary arts.
Iran is home to a spectacular filmmaking tradition, with Iranian-made films regularly winning recognition in film festivals around the world.

Learning at Persian Language School

Persian Language School WA is the leading Persian Language School in Australia.
PLSWA uses the world’s top ranked method and resources for Persian language teaching.
Students from all age groups, and with any linguistic or cultural background are welcome.
Students learn both the written form of Persian and the modern day spoken version.
Students learn the Persian script, which can also be used to learn Arabic.
Students enjoy socialising with other native and non-native Persian speakers.

Learn Persian

Proudly serving the community

Persian Language School WA (PLSWA), is a division of Iranian Association Inc, not-for-profit, non-political, charitable community organisation. PLSWA starts serving the Community from July 2009 by holding Farsi reading and writing classes, with the primary objective of maintaining the Persian language and cultures of students from Persian speaking background and the secondary aim of increasing the awareness and understanding of the wider community toward the Persian Language, which is the reservoir of Iranian thought, sentiment, values and literary arts. Starting from academic year 2022, PLSWA operate at its new location, the Fountain College School, 12 Karri Way, Ferndale WA 6148, running Persian Language Classes for young children, children, youth and adults from non-Persian background beginners to intermediate and advanced.

School Charter and Regulations

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School operation hours

Persian language school operates every Saturday (within school term), creating an opportunity for students not only to learn Persian language, but also to socialise with the members of Persian community. For detailed schedule and timing of different classes, please see the “academic year term dates” below this page or HERE.

Commitment to being child safe and friendly

PLSWA is a child safe and friendly organisation that values the children of our community. The school understands that safety doesn’t just happen, and that there is a need for all members of the school community to play their part in ensuring a safe environment. PLSWA regularly reviews child safety practices and procedures to support:
Positive interactions in the school and its community
Development & maintenance of an environment that contributes to healthy development of children
Child safe practices and procedures help our students and staff engage positively and actively in the learning of Persian language and culture.

Benefits of learning a language

Learning a new language has many benefits, particularly for children, and study shows the best time to start is at the childhood. Read about the many benefits of learning a language HERE

Audio and visual recording

By attending Persian Language School WA classes and/or events, you consent to being included in any photography or video recordings that may take place and agree for these recordings to be used by us.

We love to hear your feedback and opinion

We always strive to provide a very high standard of service, and your opinions, reviews and feedback are important to us! To help us plan for the future and improve our service to community, we’d like to hear from you and would be grateful if you could take few minutes to provide your feedback HERE