Class & Courses

Persian Language Classes for Children

PLCC Persian Language Classes for children ages 5 to 17 years old in different levels from non-Persian background beginners to intermediate & advanced.
These classes are aimed not only to teach Persian language and literature but also to transfer the knowledge of the Persian culture to our children.
Students attending children classes using Farsi text books of Iranian schools.
PDF version of the textbooks and further reading materials are available within the library on the website.


Persian Language Classes for Adults

PLCAPersian Language Classes for adults in different level from non-Persian background beginners who do not have prior knowledge of the language, to intermediate and advanced.
Students learn both the written form of Persian and the modern day spoken version and enjoy socialising with other native and non-native Persian speakers.

The textbook we use are developed by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at University of Texas. PDF version of the textbook & further reading materials are available thru the website library.


School team

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